Enterprise Strategy Group: A Roadmap for BYOD Adoption

Organizations of all sizes are being impacted by the consumerization of IT: empowered by smartphones and tablet computers, more employees bring their own devices to the workplace and expect to use them for communication, productivity applications, and even personal use. While struggling to understand the ramifications of this influx of new devices, businesses are also working to embrace these new technologies.

A BYOD solution must go beyond simple connectivity to be capable of handling device registration, device profiling, on boarding, policy-based management and enforcement. Automation will also play an important role as the network scales. Organizations are in need of a comprehensive, secure and scalable solution to address the networking needs of today’s modern business.

This White Paper will review the biggest campus network challenges, the advantages of a fabric approach and a comprehensive roadmap for BYOD.

This White Paper will help you:

  • Understand the challenges and areas of concern that need to be considered when looking to rollout BYOD initiative
  • Learn the essential components that a BYOD solution should include
  • Ensure that any user has the ability to access any application while allowing organizations to rapidly adjust to changing business needs
  • Develop a roadmap for BYOD that will enable you to quickly and effortlessly deploy a solution to accommodate any approach that will scale to meet your future needs