Enabling Cloud-Scale Data Centers with Open Fabric Architectures

An open, standards-based, high-speed, interconnectivity fabric architecture in data centers delivers high-speed connectivity, low latency, multi-path mesh-type connectivity, and high resiliency.

In today’s cloud environments there are several additional attributes that become part of the network fabric. These include:

  • Support for network and storage convergence
  • Support for virtualization, automation, and customization
  • Ease of network provisioning, configuration, and management
  • Low power

Very scalable, efficient, and high-performance fabric-based architectures can be built and deployed using open, interoperable and industry-accepted approaches. From high-density 10GbE to high-density 40GbE, to support for virtualization and convergence, as well as redundancy and multi-path capability, open industry-accepted solutions are gaining a foothold in building cloud-scale architectures.