Enabling Digital Citizenship Programs Within Your District’s Network Infrastructure

Digital citizenship programs, which focus on the safe and appropriate use of technology by students, have never been more important. Watch this webinar to find out how schools can control the level of resource and Internet access for each student based on their level of digital proficiency.

Topics to be covered include:

  • A presentation by Mike Ribble, author of “Digital Citizenship in Schools” and a pioneer on the subject
  • A case study from Woodford County Schools in Kentucky about their use of the Digital Driver’s License program and how it ties into their multi-tiered approach to resource access
  • The role of a district’s network infrastructure in ensuring appropriate online behaviour on your network, and the privacy and safety of your students and staff in a BYOD environment


Featured speakers:

  • Mike Ribble, Ed. D., consultant, speaker, and author on digital citizenship in schools
  • Greg French, CIO, Woodford County Schools, Kentucky