Designing Highly Efficient, Robust Data Centers

Networking expert Ivan Pepelnjak and Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Strategist for Extreme Networks, join forces to answer all your questions about building robust data center interconnect solutions. This informative technical session examines how data centers can be interconnected via hybrid layer2/3 solutions, includes a detailed examination of newly released Extreme Networks data center technologies, including Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and OneFabric Connect.

Listen to learn how to:

  • Identify disaster recovery and VM workload migration challenges
  • Select the technologies that simplify and improve the traditional data center interconnect solutions
  • Design robust data center interconnects using Extreme Networks OneFabric architecture and products



  • Ivan Pepelnjak, Chief Technology Advisor, NIL Data Communications
  • Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Strategist, Extreme Networks