Delivering Wi-Fi in a Hyper-Dense Environment

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi-capable devices is driving the need for high-capacity or “hyper-dense” WLAN in large venues like stadiums, convention centers, indoor arenas, and campuses. To deliver ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage and superior user experience in these hyper-dense environments, several factors need to be considered. These considerations include antenna orientation, RF management, coverage density, network analytics and management, and customer service.

This webinar highlights the business and technical considerations of deploying Wi-Fi in large venues based on several customer experiences. Fred Kirsch, Publisher and Vice President of Content at The Kraft Group (New England Patriots), will speak about the newly deployed Wi-Fi network at Gillette Stadium, which is powered by Extreme Networks.

Topics include:

  • Monetization of Wi-Fi networks
  • Management of the network once deployed
  • How to offer a superior user experience
  • Lessons learned by the Patriots when selecting and deploying a Wi-Fi vendor



  • Fred Kirsch, Publisher and VP of Content, The Kraft Group/New England Patriots
  • John Brams, Director of Venue Wi-Fi, Extreme Networks