Customer Engagement, Activation, and Monetization

Developing a cohesive and enhanced mobile experience, requires organizations to think like their customers. Without an emphasis on user experience and mobile engagement, an activation strategy designed for the sole purpose of making money will fall flat. So how is an integrated customer experience achieved—one that will not only deliver an immersive user experience, but also revenue generating opportunities to the business? By leveraging robust Wi-Fi connectivity, contextual analytics, and a multichannel content delivery platform, organizations are better equipped to deliver more valuable user experiences and more revenue generating opportunities to the business.


Before owners can profit from their Wi-Fi solution, they need to establish that their customers view the Wi-Fi service as reliable and secure–a trustworthy utility that meets their expectations and delivers value to their overall experience. Only then will users be motivated to explore other valuable mobile services offered through premium connectivity. Building a great high density Wi-Fi network is the critical first step but is no easy task. Venue owners and IT departments should partner only with providers who have the technology and experience, a proven methodology for high-density Wi-Fi design and implementation, and fullservice support on and off site.


It isn’t enough anymore to simply deliver free Wi-Fi connectivity to consumers. The need for data analytics and measurement has become critical to Customer Success. A lot can be gleaned about the delivery of mobile applications and Wi-Fi network services when instrumented appropriately. This is a core tenant to Extreme’s Customer Engagement strategy. By taking a contextual approach to understanding, in real-time, the location of mobile users (via beacon, GPS, Wi-Fi), their mobile application usage patterns, and the performance of the network around them, organizations can more effectively measure the success of delivered services. Often it is the insights from this data that drives the mobile activation and engagement strategies for Marketing.

This data insight becomes even more valuable when mapped in context to other identity-specific information about the mobile user. Demographic information, brand affinities, social network information, buying behaviors and tendencies provide important details about the connected patron. When providing contextual data about the customer combined with network access conditions and their real-time mobile usage data, a tailored customer profile and personalized experience can be established – providing customers the red carpet mobile connectivity service they deserve.

Activation and Engagement


The most effective engagement strategy is one that provides customers with a value-added mobile application that includes access to unique content and services, such as promotional offers, conveniences, and compelling content, and incentivizes application adoption downloads. A key enabler of that strategy is a Wi-Fi solution that prioritizes the bandwidth of these applications on the network, allowing for fast and reliable Wi-Fi access and an uninterrupted customer experience leading to repeat downloads and higher usage rates. While a value-added application has the potential to bolster customer engagement, given the amount of consumer choice in the mobile marketplace, venue-sponsored applications have the potential to fall short of expectations unless they also provide a high-quality user experience.


Another pillar of a truly effective engagement and activation strategy is multi-channel content delivery, or the ability of a venue to push content to mobile consumers across multiple digital platforms, including web, application, in-application and in-browser. As the diagram below shows, this delivery approach maximizes adoption rates among mobile consumers by activating multiple consumer touch points – rather than focusing on one digital asset. By combining multi-channel content delivery with access to data showing mobile usage patterns answering the questions, “who, what, when, and where,” organizations are best prepared to invest in the most valuable mobile content for consumers and the most impactful activation strategies for their business.


By analyzing customer mobile usage patterns in real-time, venues can create revenue opportunities by engaging with consumers at the right time, at the right location, and with the right content across mobile assets. Through the use of a network analytics tool that shows how Wi-Fi connected users are engaging in real-time, venues can offer promotional and advertising opportunities that are relevant for customers based on their location, including the promotion of perishable inventory like tickets upgrades. The most simplistic value of leveraging location data to assist a mobile user with finding their way to a restroom, concession or merchandise area based on their current position within the venue. More sophisticated examples include using Wi-Fi positioning and/or beacon data for programmatic and ad-hoc activation of promotions to mobile users based on their proximity to purchasable items. With a backend system that integrates these purchasing decisions into CRM systems, POS devices, ticketing, and loyalty programs into the live feed, venues have an instantaneous understanding of the revenue generated, as well as the success of a particular program or offer.

This table describes how hospitality venues are able to successfully tackle the challenges of their organization and the demands of their costumers cited above, using Extreme’s purpose-built solutions and differentiated services.

Required CapabilitiesRecommended SolutionHow We Do It Better
Wi-Fi ConnectivityExtremeWireless• Highly scalable, secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
• Purpose-built hardware and software
Contextual Analytics & Insights for Application PrioritizationExtremeAnalytics• Visibility into user engagement patterns with layer 7 insight and control
• Measurement of network and application performance
Multi-Channel Content DeliveryExtremeAnalytics

Experience Engine
• Programmatic and ad-hoc mobile and wearable activation via usage patterns and insights
Creating Revenue OpportunitiesExtremeAnalytics

Experience Engine
• Location aware, real-time mobile promotions and advertising opportunities

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