Guide to Understanding and Choosing a Wi-Fi Solution for Today’s Mobile Worlds

We are in the midst of the mobile revolution and selecting the right Wi-Fi solution to support the growing mobility is daunting to say the least. First came the proliferation of mobile devices, now the revolution is being driven into overdrive by apps. The demand on the Wi-Fi network is at its peak and it is only going to increase.

This guide is your ‘cheat sheet’ to understand what vendors are focusing on and what they are doing to meet the challenges of BYOD, IoE, security, and the mobile revolution.
This report features:

Robin Layland, Principal Analyst for Layland Consulting, discussing key factors to consider when selecting the right Wi-Fi solution including:

  • Choosing the right architecture
  • Management capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Deployment
  • BYOD
  • And many more

Mike Leibovitz, Director of Mobility and Applications for Extreme Networks, discussing Scale Beyond the Crowd and Extreme Networks solutions:

  • Purpose-built access points
  • Flexible WLAN Architecture
  • Context-based access control
  • Unified management and analytics measurements