Unified, Resilient, Easy-to-Manage Network for a Bright Future

Published 29 Apr 2016

Nazareth College relies heavily on its network to support its 3,800 students and faculty members and their 8,500+ devices. When the Wi-Fi network became a continuous challenge for the IT staff and user satisfaction was suffering they set an ambitious strategic goal: significantly improve user satisfaction regarding wireless connectivity by providing a fully-integrated network that is robust, resilient, and straightforward to manage. After evaluating all the major players, Nazareth was won over by Extreme’s ability to seamlessly integrate their wired and wireless networks. Nazareth College gained 40G or more in most places and noticed immediate stability, faster throughput, and better connectivity in the network.

Technology Needs
  • Wired/wireless infrastructure
  • Support for BYOD initiative 
  • Simplified network management
  • Vitualization

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • User wireless complaints being eliminated
  • The network is reliable, faster, and ready for the future
  • IT can now view and manage the wired/wireless network from a single pane of glass

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