Taking Textiles into the Twenty-First Century

Published 27 Mar 2018

All over the world, national clothing and textile industries are under threat from intense global competition, notably from India and China. However, the hub of Sweden’s textile industry is taking a radical stand at the top end of the market—with a focus on exclusive designs, hi-tech clothing and smart fabrics. When the opportunity arose for the city of Borås to redevelop its legacy manufacturing area, and create a state-of-the-art textile centre embracing business, university and museum facilities, it was understood that world class communications would be essential to the venture’s success. To deploy top-of-the-line communications infrastructure, Borås looked to Extreme Networks to deploy a new network solution.

  • Install a network across the Textile Fashion Centre and link to the University, City and Museum networks
  • Respect historical buildings in build-out

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Ubiquitous access from anywhere in the city center
  • Network has provided a revenue source for the real estate developer

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