State Agency Boosts Availability and Performance with SDN Underlay

Published 5 Jan 2018

The business services office of a large state provides a variety of services to multiple state agencies. It provides solutions to 4,000 users across 69 locations, from procurement and acquisition, real estate management, and environmentally friendly transportation, to professional printing, Web services, legal services, and fire safety for public schools. The department’s network is essential for the department to deliver high-quality services. With that said, the department was in need of a reliable solution to meet future scalability and simplistic manageability capabilities. The department chose Extreme Networks VDX switches and VCS fabric solution because of analyst rankings, technical qualifications, customer references, Extreme’s product resources, and product capabilities.

  • Build a reliable, high-performance network underlay to support an
    extensive VMware environment and deliver on the goal of creating a
    completely software-defined data center

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Achieved incomparable high availability and performance
  • Aligned the physical network with its VMware environment and applications
  • Improved process efficiency significantly
  • Accelerated progress to SDN automation and a software-defined data center

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