San Diego Community College District Reaps the Benefits of Centralized Network Management

Published 18 Oct 2017

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) provides accessible, high-quality learning experiences to their 100,000 students. In order to meet the connectivity demands of students and staff, SDCCD required a wired and wireless network solution. After evaluating numerous vendors, SDCCD deployed an Extreme Networks wired and wireless solution that allows their small IT staff to centrally manage their large campus infrastructure and provide reliable, secure access to simultaneously connect students and staff and enhance the 21st Century learning experience.

Technology Needs:
  • Wired/Wireless Infrastructure
  • Support for a BYOD Program
  • Real-time Video Streaming
  • Simple and Centralized Network Management

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Increased visibility into the network, enables the IT team to be more proactive
  • Centralized network management allows the IT staff to easily manage the large number of users and devices across the enormous campus area
  • Reliable indoor/outdoor wireless coverage across most of the campuses

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