Robust Wireless Solution Connects Students On-Campus and Across the Globe

Published 24 Oct 2016

St. Edward’s is a private, liberal arts Catholic university in the Holy Cross Tradition with approximately 4,600 students, located in Austin, Texas. With a network of partner universities around the world, St. Edward’s is a diverse community that offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed to inspire students with a global perspective. St. Edwards University needed to have a strong, robust, and efficient wireless solution because their students bring 7-8 devices each to campus and faculty members had multiple devices as well. St. Edward’s chose Extreme Networks to refresh the wired and wireless network and deploy a new network management solution.

Technology Needs
  • Reliable and fast wired and wireless connectivity
  • BYOD initiative
  • Simple network management
  • Global digital classroom

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Offering a successful BYOD program
  • Providing seamless and reliable wireless connection to all students, faculty, and guests indoors and in most outdoor campus locations
  • IT team has the ability to spend more time innovating and working with students and faculty because they don’t need to worry about managing the network as much

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