Powering the Next Scientific Breakthrough at the Solaris National Synchrotron Radiation Centre, With Extreme Networks

Published 10 Aug 2020
The SOLARIS Synchrotron is the largest scientific research device in Poland, and the first and only synchrotron light source in Central Europe. Synchrotron light is a powerful beam of light that allows scientists to look deeply into objects, cut through some bonds in molecules, stimulate new reactions or conduct material engineering on an atomic and molecular scale. By using light generated from this device, scientists can explore both surfaces and interiors of different materials, learning more about their chemical composition and electromagnetic properties. The benefits of such a device in the pursuit of scientific research are vast.

Technology Needs
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable network connectivity to handle an increase of connected devices and data transmissions
  • Efficient and secure network management
  • Fully flexible
  • Low-latency and scalable network
  • Able to handle increased numbers of connections and more intensive data transmission – thereby supporting the SOLARIS research centre’s plans to expand the capabilities of this impressive device

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