nexellent AG, Increases Route Scale Memory and Bandwidth, Prepares Network for Future Growth

Published 8 Apr 2020
Founded in 2004, nexellent is a Swiss information technology company providing colocation and cloud services to both regional companies and enterprises abroad who require storage within Switzerland. Today, they operate three data center facilities in Switzerland, all ISO certified and FINMA approved.

Technology Needs

  • Network hardware refresh
  • Increased bandwidth and route scale memory
  • Scalable infrastructure built to support aggressive business growth


  • Upgraded hardware with new, state-of-the-art ExtremeRouting SLX 9640 equipment
  • Attained better bandwidth and absorb speed mismatches and handle microbursts with consistent high performance
  • Gained the reliability necessary for quality public cloud services
  • Positioned business for successful
    growth with improved scalability

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