Network Acquisition Future-Proofs Network Planning and Deployment at a Mid-West School District

Published 8 Jan 2018

This mid-west school district serves more than 13,000 students. The district’s Information Services department is integral to supporting the district’s mission of preparing students to become lifelong learners and socially responsible citizens. Its responsibilities span all technology, data and assessment, computer labs, textbook inventory, and media centers deployed in 19 locations across the district. The network has to support the web-based education curriculum, high volumes of video traffic, IPTV, and reporting to the state management system. To improve the network, the district chose Extreme Networks’ equipment to solve the district’s network performance and resiliency demands.

  • Build a highly resilient network that supports all district services today with the financial and technology flexibility to evolve the network on demand and meet tomorrow’s innovative educational opportunities

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Enabled district to acquire equipment today with no upfront capital and the assurance of financial flexibility to meet future network needs with Network Subscription
  • Achieved a highly resilient, high-capacity network
  • Gained PoE+ capabilities to power a wide range of devices across the campus while maximizing switch port efficiency
  • Integrated easily with existing wireless network while retaining the ability to integrate with any vendor’s future 802.11ac

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