Mobile Learning Garners High Marks at City, University of London

Published 1 Aug 2018

With a large number of users – all mobile and all with their own devices – and a complex mix of demanding services and applications that run 24/7, managing a university network is no small task. It’s hard enough when the university operates on a single campus; the responsibility magnifies for City, University of London, a university with 24 different buildings, across multiple sites dotted around central London. However, since implementing Extreme Networks’ Automated Campus solution with Extreme Fabric technology, City, University of London, has eliminated downtime in the core, enjoyed unprecedented flexibility for network deployments, and seen user satisfaction soar.

Technology Needs:

  • Resolve reliability issues with the complex University network
  • Create an infrastructure that can easily accommodate future requirements
  • Overcome the restrictions on making changes to the network

Benefits of the new network include:

  • Elimination of error-induced network outages: 100% uptime across all core systems
  • Satisfaction with IT Services among students has increased
  • Accelerated and simplified network administration
  • Greater ability to control access and separate traffic: multiple VLANs for different user groups
  • Greater ability to tailor access, depending on user needs

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