Manukau Institute of Technology Brings Digital Transformation Vision to Life for Staff and Students

Published 25 Jan 2021
Manukau Institute of Technology delivers vocationally focused tertiary education, research, and technology transfer that ensures Auckland’s economy, graduates, employers, and communities have the capability and skills to achieve their potential. In 2020, Manukau Institute of Technology celebrated its 50th year of operation with the opening of its newest campus, TechPark, which will bring all of the institute’s trades and engineering schools under one roof. TechPark is Manukau Institute of Technology’s fifth campus and embodies the institute’s digital transformation vision with state-of-the-art facilities for learning in ways that reflect modern industry and engineering practice. 

Technology Needs
  • Reliable, high-performance wired and wireless networking
  • Ease of onboarding and management of devices and users
  • Ability to support smart infrastructure and digital workplace solutions
  • Secure and seamless online and remote user access to services and applications
  • Reduction in overall network management costs and resources
  • Enabling MIT’s rollout of digital transformation and business innovation initiative

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