Le Jardin Academy’s Managed Services Solution Allows Larger Investment in Education Technology

Published 26 Sep 2017

With a keen belief that investing in education technology helps students engage in active learning, Le Jardin Academy looked to upgrade their network. In the past, LJA struggled to control who and what devices accessed their wireless network and troubleshooting occurred frequently as a result of power outages. LJA ultimately chose to upgrade their two-campus, 10-building network with an Extreme Networks managed services solution. Now, with ExtremeControl and ExtremeManagement, the IT team easily sets rules which allow them to segregate the network by user type and give students, faculty, and staff appropriate access to resources.

Technology Needs
  • 1:1 Device Management
  • BYOD Program 
  • Wireless Networking
  • Education Technology
  • Cloud-Managed Services

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • The LJA IT team spending less time managing the network and more time on new education technology projects
  • Power outages no longer impact the integrity of the network
  • Reduced hardware costs

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