Large State University Delivers Near-Limitless Possibilities to Researchers and Students

Published 9 Jan 2018

This large university includes 24 campuses, 17,000 faculty and staff, 100,000 students, a teaching hospital, more than 500,000 active alumni, and an online World Campus. The IT team is central to the university’s scholarly mission. The university conducts $150 million of federally funded research annually—all of which relies on the university’s network. Like many institutions, the university wants to deliver the best education as cost-effectively as possible. For IT, that means reducing data transport costs, even though the amount of data generated is increasing geometrically. The university’s internal service provider controls connectivity between departments and locations and owns the network core and associated services. The enterprise network interconnects 24 campuses through ExtremeRouting core routers, with the main network located at the main campus.

Technology Needs
  • Secure, high-performance research and higher-education computing network
  • Simplify network management and deliver a world-class user experience
  • High-Density 10 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit network capacity, as well as advanced virtual Layer 2 services at the core of the network

Benefits of the network solution include:

  • Enabled high-capacity connectivity with exceptional
    stability and performance
  • Optimized scalability to support up to hundreds of switches
  • Increased agility and reduced customer provisioning time from hours to minutes
  • Supported OpenStack development and SDN initiatives easily

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