John Carroll University Seeks a Network Upgrade with Agility and Automation Built In

Published 7 May 2020
JCU was running an old network that needed to be upgraded. Plus, they needed a more data-centric environment with built-in agility and automation capabilities. Enhanced efficiency and consolidation would be key, since there were no plans to add to the IT team. Additionally, a more cost-effective solution that offered better bandwidth was preferred.

Technology Needs
  • A network redesign with built-in agility and automation was necessary for efficiency
  • Scalable infrastructure for future growth
  • Cost-effective implementation options
  • Simplified routing and switching
  • Eliminated unnecessary OpEx
  • Achieved significantly improved wireless performance
  • Gained ease of use with simple network changes and reconfigs
  • Established a trusted relationship with Extreme engineering and support
  • Successfully positioned network for continual improvement

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