IX Australia and Extreme Partner to Deliver 100GB Peering for Internet Services and Content

Published 3 Mar 2020
IX Australia is Australia’s only not-for-profit, carrier-neutral internet exchange point. It’s owned and operated by the Internet Association of Australian (IAA), and is currently the largest peering service provider in Australia with more than 70% market share. IX Australia is also the longest running and lowest cost Internet exchange in Australia, providing peering, virtual leased line (VLL) and cloud interconnection services for approximately 400 corporate members of the IAA.

Technology Needs
  • Highly complex, reliable, secure and scalable IP network
  • Remote visibility and management of the entire environment
  • Ability to embed and automate business rules and provisioning processes
  • Cost-effective, reliable and market-leading Internet exchange services
  • Ease of network management for small, distributed in-house team
  • Scalability to meet exponential data traffic growth and end-user demand
  • Scope to fully automate provisioning of new services and infrastructure

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