Hoosier Highways Flow More Safely, Smoothly With Video

Published 23 Jun 2017

Thanks to a statewide network of around 350 cameras, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) closely monitors roads around the clock for any sign of trouble, and dispatches the appropriate responders, whether that’s Indiana State Police, other emergency vehicles, INDOT personnel who patrol freeways to help motorists and keep traffic moving. While INDOT response may look polished to motorists, back end management of the network supporting the camera system has – at times – hit roadblocks, including intermittent video or outages. INDOT evaluated multiple network vendors and selected Extreme Networks because of its shortest path bridging capabilities, along with Fabric-related devices, and the simplicity that SPB provided over PIM. With Extreme Fabric Connect, INDOT gained a more stable, easier-to-manage network that will support its current infrastructure and growth.

Technology Needs
  • Zero network downtime
  • Eliminate network bottlenecks
  • Support statewide network of video cameras
  • IP multicast capabilities
  • Reduce troubleshooting

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Redundant links keep network traffic flowing
  • Network enhances configuration, management, flexibility, and availability
  • INDOT cut over 28 locations at once, during the day, without a hitch

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