Greeneville City Schools Learning Without Limits

Published 12 Apr 2017

Greeneville City Schools is one of Tennessee’s top performing school districts. GCS decided they needed to upgrade their outdated Cisco network with a reliable, robust, and secure wireless solution from Extreme Networks to provide students with the best possible resources. The new solution supports a 1:1 computing initiative, BYOD program, and other learning initiatives that enable their 3,000 students to connect their devices and learn from anywhere, both now and well into the future. With the new network, Greeneville City Schools has doubled the number of APs and upgraded all the switches which allowed them to kick off their BYOD program.

Technology Needs 
  • 1:1 device management
  • Support of a BYOD initiative
  • Wired/wireless networking
  • Effective and simple network management
  • Digital learning and virtualization

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Reliable, fast, and secure network connection for students and faculty
  • Allows students to learn from anywhere on campus
  • Onboarding of BYOD devices easily with Extreme Network Access Control

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