Glasshouse Christian College and Extreme Networks Create Innovative 21st Century Learning Environment for Students

Published 23 Jul 2020
Glasshouse Christian College (GCC) is a Prep to Year 12 Christian school located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, leading the way in innovation through technology. All GCC students are educated on one campus with the school’s classrooms and facilities employing cutting edge technologyincluding data projectors, interactive  whiteboards and fully networked computers. GCC is named one of ‘Queensland’s most innovative schools’ and recognised by Apple as an ‘Apple Distinguished School’, just one of eight schools in Queensland, and 470 worldwide.

Technology Needs
  • Reliable, high-performance wired and wireless networking
  • Ease of provisioning and management of devices and users
  • Operational efficiencies via automation of business rules and service provisioning
  • Network performance, security, reliability, and scalability meeting intensive user and device needs
  • End-to-end management, visibility, and control
  • Low total cost of ownership and upgrades within budget

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