Flexible Network Fabric Animates Digital Content Production at Digital Animation Studio

Published 8 Jan 2018

Jam Filled Entertainment is a full service digital animation studio that partners with creators, producers, brands, and broadcasters in the production of 2D and 3D animation content across all genres and for all platforms. With over 400 seats in its state-of-the-art Ottawa and Toronto facilities, Jam Filled provides clients and partners with world class services from concept through to animation. Facing exponential growth, Jam Filled needed to expand its network capabilities—first within the building it was in, then to two buildings, and finally, back to a large, single building. They chose Extreme VDX Switches with Extreme VDX VCS Fabric technology for core, aggregation, and edge networking. Extreme VDX 6940 Switches form the network core with one or more 40 Gbps links for high performance. Extreme VDX 6740 Switches provide data center and aggregation switches while Extreme VDX 6740T Switches at the edge deliver 1 GbE to 500 rendering stations.

  • Deploy a new network to support exponential growth, maximize production uptime, and enable out-of-the-box creative leaps forward

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Increased production efficiency with ability to quickly move petabytes of data 
  • Maximized up-time with flexible network fabric and high redundancy 
  • Simplified management with automatic configuration and plug-and-play architecture 
  • Built a foundation for enabling creative growth, stimulating innovation, and attracting talent

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