Flexibility Means Agility When It Comes to Cloud Services

Published 8 Jan 2018

Businesses that want high-quality voice systems without having to deploy the associated infrastructure turn to this cloud services provider. The company delivers powerful contact center software, business phone systems, and connectivity services from the cloud. The company minimizes latency by locating its data centers at established Network Access Points (NAPs) around the world. With the unpredictability of the future, the company knows that flexibility will be essential to its success. And as a service provider, it knows that high service quality and reliability are nonnegotiable for customer satisfaction. The company explored offerings from a number of network vendors, looking for solutions that deliver low-latency Layer 2 capabilities. They chose Extreme solutions for their new data center networks.

  • Build a cloud services network backbone to deliver voice services for clients at the speed of sound

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Simplified network management through Extreme VCS Fabric technology
  • Increased agility with the ability to quickly add switches and allocate resources
  • Gained programmability with support for OpenFlow and strong APIs
  • Accelerated data center deployment with highly replicable network design
  • Consolidated BGP and MPLS routing scale to deliver services across a dispersed customer base

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