Extreme Fabric Automation Provides Smooth Migration and Secures 100% Operational Efficiency

Published 13 Oct 2020
Founded in 1992, Despacho de Asesoria Financiera Integral (DAFI) is a leading financial advising company in the national market. With the core mission of providing the highest level of support and collaboration to their clients, DAFI is constantly looking for new ways to improve their business function and support their collaborators and shareholders professionally and personally. DAFI is committed to improving the financial benefits of union workers and advising them on their economic and financial journey.

Technology Needs
  • Seamless implementation and management capabilities
  • Layer 2 extension between two Data Center (DCI)
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6
  • Flexibility within the network
  • Improved stability of the network
  • Zero complaints from customers regarding the network
  • 100% operational efficiency
  • Seamless extension of Layer 2 service

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