Eldorado Resort Casino Differentiates Itself with Personalized Guest Wireless

Published 5 Dec 2017

The Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada is well-known for its phenomenal service, friendly staff, and festivals. However, like many properties, Eldorado faced its share of wireless service complaints. The property struggled to meet guest expectations, so they partnered with Extreme Networks and SONIFI to deliver on its wireless goals.

Technology Needs:
  • Faster wireless connections and increased bandwidth
  • Network visibility and control
  • Ability to leverage location-based insights over Wi-Fi
  • Central guest authentication across three properties

From this investment, Eldorado observed a number of compelling results, including:

  • 25% decrease of guest Wi-Fi complaints post deployment
  • Increased overall network capacity and over 90% coverage across property
  • Ability for guests to authenticate once and remain connected for 48 hours

Extreme’s purpose-built technologies deliver quality and pervasive network solutions while SONIFI offers industry-leading expertise in network design, network installation and specialized interactive content.

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