East Grand Rapids Uses Analytics to Transform Into a Smart School

Published 29 Jan 2016

East Grand Rapids Public Schools’ three elementary schools, one middle, and one high school rank in the top 5% of schools in the state of Michigan. Fundamental to the success of the district is a solid network infrastructure that enables their 1:1 computing and BYOD programs for 4,500 users and 3,000 devices. In order to remain successful, East Grand Rapids Public Schools worked with Extreme Networks to deploy a new network solution that would address wireless connectivity needs, provide visibility and control into the network, and allow easy on-boarding for devices entering the network.

Technology Needs:
  • eLearning
  • BYOD program
  • Security system
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Virtualization

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Increased network bandwidth and visibility for the BYOD program
  • Students are able to learn with out limits
  • Enhanced network visibility and control
  • Reduced operating expenses

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