Coworking Facility Set for National Expansion with Secure Automated Campus Environment

Published 11 Mar 2019

Waterman Business Centres (‘Waterman’) started its serviced office business in 2016. Waterman has since grown from 20 customers and about 60 people to now catering for more than 1000 businesses while over 3000 people utilise its workspaces and facilities.

When Waterman set out to design the ideal technology infrastructure to support their business, they considered the frustrations people have in dealing with a telco and listed out every problem they might face. This allowed them to plan and map the network deployment they would need to support present and future business needs.

Technology Needs

  • Scalable, flexible infrastructure to support diverse BYOD environment and rapidly growing user base
  • Automated and secure rapid services provisioning
  • Simple to connect and easy to manage network environment


  • Provisioning time reduced from 2-3 weeks to 15 minutes
  • Enabling rapid business expansion with no increase required in IT admin resources
  • Diverse users and devices easily and securely connected

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