Connecting Fans for an Unbeatable Game Day Experience

Published 12 Jul 2018

Colorado Switchbacks invested in a high-density Wi-Fi solution for Switchback Stadium, to the 4,500 fans in attendance at any game can expect to remain connected to the Wi-Fi. The Colorado Springs Switchbacks Football Club is a professional soccer team that is part of the United Soccer League. Founded in only 2014, the Switchbacks quickly understood that delivering mobile connectivity in-stadium would play a vital role in their developing fan engagement strategy. As a result, the team invested in a high-density Wi-Fi solution to deliver secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to fans attending games at the team’s home field. They’ve seen a 50% increase in season ticket sales year over year, so it’s safe to say the solution is already positively impacting both the business and fan experience for the Switchbacks. Moving forward, the Switchbacks plan to use the network to collect fan analytics and data in real time to make more informed business decisions, which will ultimately enable them deliver an even better fan experience, including such offerings as in-stand concession ordering, unique team content, and fan promotions.

Technology Needs 
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • TV Broadcast
  • Wired & Wireless Infrastructure

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