Cloud-Networking Makes the Difference for the Chinese International School

Published 17 Aug 2019
Located in Hong Kong, Chinese International School is a private school, for students in Reception to Year 13. Its students come from diverse backgrounds, with over 30 ethnicities represented at the school. Originally opened in 1983, the school has expanded over the years to include multiple campuses with over 1500 students and 320 staff members. Each person has two to three devices with them at a time and the school supports countless guest users on its network as well. Currently, there is an average of 2,600 clients on the network in a given day. The school’s bandwidth is reliable, so the missing piece of the puzzle was the stability and reliability of the internal network.

Technology Needs

  • Traffic management on the network
  • Bandwidth to handle the number of connected devices
  • Stable connection for users


  • No downtime for users
  • Simple management platform
  • Strong security
  • Wireless coverage on all outdoor sports fields and stands

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