Clarke Willmott Simplifies and Secures Their Network and Gains Valuable Insights

Published 29 Oct 2018
Clarke Willmott is a national law firm with seven offices around the UK. Known for its genuine client relationships and detailed industry knowledge, the firm has seen significant growth over recent years, employing over 650 staff. Clarke Willmott offers expert advice and support on a broad range of legal services to individuals and businesses, with a focus on the most involved and complex matters. This encompasses a variety of sectors, from Agriculture, Education and Public Sector through to Banking, Nuclear Energy and Technology

Technology Needs:
  • Guest access needed to be separate and secured
  • Increased capacity due to the growth of devices on the network
  • The Wi-Fi network needed to be manageable and consistent between Clarke Willmott’s seven UK offices


  • Secure Wi-Fi can be easily managed from a centralized cloud platform
  • Guests can be segmented differently on the network, assigned specific policies, and are able to access the sites and documents they need, using the applications they need to work efficiently
  • Cutting out coverage dead zones and enabled more agile collaborative ways of working

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