Canada’s Largest Convention Center Deploys a Differentiated WLAN Service

Published 17 Feb 2017

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) is Canada’s largest convention complex, located in the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district. MTCC hosts 500 to 600 events per year with as many as 10,000 total users accessing the network during the venue’s largest events. MTCC needed to ensure that it selected a reliable provider to meet the facility’s needs, from a business perspective and a guest perspective. MTCC selected Extreme Networks because of its proven record in delivering superior network performance for its customers. They deployed ExtremeWireless, ExtremeSwitching, ExtremeControl, ExtremeManagement, and ExtremeAnalytics to improve the overall performance and management of the network.

Technology Needs
  • Provide stable, high-performing bandwidth to exhibitors and event managers
  • Support attendees’ wireless devices
  • Offer different service levels to the variety of events taking place across the facility
  • Simple network management

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Increased visibility and control over the network
  • Achieved high-quality network performance
  • Appropriately distribute bandwidth and deliver on a better wireless experience for event attendees
  • Ease of use managing the network 
  • Significant cost savings

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