Bank Segregates Storage for Newfound Flexibility

Published 8 Jan 2018

Like a growing number of organizations, a leading North American bank was operating its storage network over its general-purpose Ethernet data network, and the network team owned the ports for both LAN and storage ports. For the storage team however, this arrangement resulted in significant process latency. As the storage team looked ahead, they knew that only increasing the storage network infrastructure would continue to result in further delays and disruptions. As the team reviewed its options, it decided to segregate the data and storage networks and move to a dedicated IP storage solution. The bank’s storage team chose Extreme VDX 6740 Switches for its new dedicated storage network and based the solution on Extreme VCS Fabric technology.

Technology Needs:
  • Greater control and flexibility of the storage network infrastructure to keep pace with growing business needs
  • Decrease network latency
  • Increase link efficiency and resiliency

Benefits of the new network solution include:

  • Increased IT innovation through superior network manageability
  • Fulfilled application requirements for performance and low latency
  • Met client’s risk and cost thresholds
  • Created network reference model for additional big data applications

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