What Has Extreme Been Up to During the Pandemic

I loved reading “The 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking 2020,” in Network World and seeing Extreme listed as #5. Our determination to cloudify our portfolio places us squarely in the vanguard. So does our decision to race instead of walk towards Wi-Fi 6, automation, and AI.

Extreme on the Front Lines

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a manufacturing supply chain shortage worldwide. If you couldn’t find hand sanitizer at your go-to retailer, you had to explore new sources. It happened in the IT world, too. Supply chain shortages compelled new partners to discover Extreme as they scrambled to make products and solutions available to their customers globally.

These partners realized we were well prepared with remote networking solutions to help address pressing needs in healthcare and education. Extreme’s Rapid Outdoor Connectivity Kits for pop-up triage tents have extended secure, reliable Wi-Fi and wired connectivity to hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations on the front lines of the pandemic. Our teleworking, remote learning, and remote patient care solutions are assisting dislocated workers, students, and clinicians as well.

New Training

Recently, we introduced our Lending Enablement and Assistance Program (LEAP). LEAP offers several new benefits, including ECS Wireless Cloud certification training at no cost. This free offer is open to anyone ─ partners, consultants, end-users, or students. There’s still time to join the thousands who’ve taken advantage of this offer to simply learn more, or perhaps as a part of their journey to a specialization in our partner program. It’s a great way to discover the power of a cloud-driven, end-to-end networking portfolio.

Join Us

Every day, new partners from around the world are joining our partner program. Why? Because word has gotten out that Extreme creates effortless networking experiences that enable you to advance like never before.

What are you waiting for? Start advancing today, join our Global Partner Program!


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