The Future of IT Operations – AIOps & Network Management

IT teams are evolving. There are a lot of challenges they need to address, which is why so many IT organizations are implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to help simplify network management.

As technology continues to evolve, it has become clear that there is no future of IT operations without AIOps.

Challenges in IT Today

You know the challenges in IT too well…

  •         Increasing network complexity
  •         Workforce challenges and understaffing
  •         Constant tickets and IT fires to be put out
  •         Distributed workforce and hybrid employees
  •         Growing to-do lists to maintain connectivity

Everyday IT staff feel the weight of all of the above challenges being put on their shoulders. What they need is a solution that can help them with certain aspects of their job and act as an extra set of hands working along side of them.

Learn more about how you can start Addressing Common IT Problems with CoPilot with this infographic!

Simplified Management and Better Operational Efficiency

As IT teams strive to be more efficient, one thing they aim to do is simplify how they manage their network. When they are able to better mange the network, the business is able to optimize their operational efficiency.

The cloud is the key to simplification. When you utilize the cloud, you are able to gather data that can help your IT team make decisions and become more proactive in detecting threats to network performance which ultimately helps the business.

Outcomes of Using AIOps to Help Manage Your Network

Once you have a strong cloud management system, then you can begin to integrate an AIOps solution that will help simplify management even more. AIOps can help your organization sort through network data, detect problems quicker, resolve network performance issues, and save time spent troubleshooting configurations.

Learn More

For more information about ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot, the networking AIOps solution offered by Extreme Networks, visit our product page.

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