Predictions for the Financial Services Industry in 2023

With the new year comes new trends, new ideas, and new priorities. That being said, there are plenty of 2022 financial services trends that will continue to be relevant throughout 2023. As we look ahead and begin to implement impactful changes to improve business operations in 2023, let’s look into a few predictions for what the year will bring.

Personalization Is Still a Priority

Throughout 2022, personalization became a major priority to all types of financial institutions as a way to improve the customer experience and elevate service offerings to be specific to their individual needs.

This is a trend you definitely shouldn’t leave in the past. As we continue to innovate and evolve with technology customers are only going to expect even more specific, personalized experiences and offers. In order to remain competitive in the market, it is critical that you continue to enhance and optimize your personalization strategies.

Implementation of ML/AI Technology to Enhance Your Network

We have said it before, there is no future of IT operations without AIOps.

Customers and staff are dispersed around the globe, network demands are constantly fluctuating, and complexity is at an all time high. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are essential in your transformation into an Infinite Enterprise that can support and adapt to all of these different factors impacting your network.

Implementing an AIOps solution can help your IT team maintain network performance, enabling your frontline staff to do their jobs effectively and increasing productivity.

SD-WAN Enables Your Hybrid Workers

Everyone has already rolled out their new hybrid work models. In order to make sure your network is working to support those hybrid employees; your IT team needs to implement and SD-WAN solution.

ExtremeCloud SD-WAN enhances the performance of network and applications in order to enhance the hybrid work experience.

As you dive into your 2023 digital initiatives and create your strategy for the upcoming year, consider the different predictions of what is to come for the financial services industry.

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