Modernize the Manufacturing Process with Cloud Networking

Cloud-managed networking was already growing, but 2020 created a boom as businesses quickly reevaluated the need for reliable remote connectivity. Once seen largely as a nice-to-have capability, remote access enabled by cloud-managed networks has become essential for business success. So why have some businesses, specifically in the manufacturing space, been slow to join the cloud revolution. Many simply don’t see its value for their businesses. But, manufacturers using legacy networks that lack cloud capabilities for production are missing out on some incredible tools that can boost workflows.

Automation and robotics have been game-changers for many manufacturing operations. Products that once took hundreds of man hours can now be completed in a matter of minutes with sophisticated technology. Beyond speeding up production and reducing manpower, these network-connected machines produce precious data that companies can analyze to understand and improve operational efficiency. Connecting equipment to an advanced cloud-managed network can give production leaders insights to manufacturing times, energy use, traffic management, and system errors, all of which can be used to improve operations.

Manufacturing businesses depend on the cooperation of large groups of employees in massive facilities. Communicating with an entire staff across busy and sometimes noisy environments can be challenging. In addition, sharing networks for communications and manufacturing processes can put a strain on wireless functionality. Cloud-driven networks with multiple access points can allow companies of any scale to maintain dependable connections for all their various needs at all times, without hindering workflows or slowing down production.

As the world continues to become more dependent on digital services, tools that enhance security become hyper-critical. Wireless networks deliver mountains of private business data. But, if those networks are left unprotected, bad actors can inject ransomware or other malicious code and cripple companies for months or even years. Businesses with intellectual property, trade secrets, customer data, and other sensitive information need to be sure their networks can’t be hacked by cyber criminals.

Innovate and expand the capabilities of the modern manufacturing workplace with ExtremeCloud IQ. There’s more to Wi-Fi than simply a connection. Enhancing a legacy network with advanced analytics, reliable communication, and maximum security can bring any manufacturing business to the forefront of the cloud revolution.

This blog was originally authored by Deidra Peterson, Vertical Solutions Marketing Specialist.

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