Jennifer (JJ) Minella on the Future of Wireless Security

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Jennifer Minella of Viszen Security. Jennifer is a well-known expert in the field of IT security. Jennifer has a forthcoming book from Wiley Publishing called “Wireless Security Architecture: Designing and Maintaining Secure Wireless for Enterprise.” Jennifer’s book is currently available for pre-order.

We discussed her views on the current state of wireless security as well as the future of Wi-Fi security. Here is a small sample of what we talked about:

David: What advice can you give enterprises that are thinking about deploying wireless security?

Jennifer: It's hard to summarize a whole book in one answer, but a couple of takeaways are that we do have to rethink how we're doing security with Wi-Fi. Furthermore, Wi-Fi is not the only wireless technology. And I think my upcoming book demonstrates this in a few different ways. For example, we have cellular radio frequency (RF) technology, and we're now purposing it on the LAN. And then, of course, there's just the whole rainbow of fruit flavors of IoT devices and the wireless protocols that they connect with. So, I think the biggest piece is understanding each of these wireless technologies (and) how they can meet your mission for security and connectivity.

For the full five-minute interview with Jennifer, please watch the YouTube video at the top of the blog. I promise you will want to learn more and maybe even buy her book!

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