IoMT: Creating Healthcare Bliss and Cybersecurity Nightmares

According to research from Frost & Sullivan, there are an average of 6.2 vulnerabilities per medical device and roughly 60% of all medical devices are unpatchable.

In an industry so reliant on human care and emotional support, the rise of IoMT and connected medical devices are improving operational efficiencies and enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction for better healthcare outcomes. Despite the infinite benefits and untapped potential of these devices, security remains an escalating concern, not only for providers, but for medical device manufacturers, the government, and the public. Regulation efforts have been made to combat this issue, but the focus has been aimed primarily at pre-market medical devices, leaving an entire fleet of currently used legacy medical devices unprotected.

In their new white paper, Medical Device and Network Security – Coming to terms with the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Frost & Sullivan explores:

  • IoMT security challenges for healthcare organizations
  • An analysis of medical devices with the highest security risks
  • Settlements, new regulations, and recalls since the famous WannaCry ransomware attack
  • Actionable steps your organization can take to mitigate today’s cybersecurity threats

Download the white paper now!

Rest Easy: Securing Your Healthcare Network and IoMT Devices

Defender for IoT, our award-winning, one-of-a-kind solution, is designed to be simple to deploy and manage. Its user interface allows technical and clinical staff to onboard and move medical and other IoT devices easily, securely, and without IT staff. Authorized users can also access operational information on each IoMT device, including location, eliminating the need to search for devices. Most importantly, Defender can be deployed on any network infrastructure without network upgrades or changes. Watch a 2-minute demonstration of Defender here!

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