How Far Can You Get Through This Infographic Before You Take Action on Your Medical Device and Network Security?

Stolen medical records, patient safety, noncompliance, millions of dollars.

The security of your healthcare network and connected medical devices have a tremendous amount of risk riding on them. So much so, that it seems crazy not all IT professionals are 110% confident in their security measures.

In fact, our recent global survey found that 1 in 5 healthcare IT professionals are unsure if every medical device on the network has all the latest software patches installed.

The good news - taking the appropriate steps to ensure network security doesn’t have to start with implementing a brand new infrastructure. Extreme Defender for IoT is a unique solution that will remediate risk and retroactively increase security capabilities at the point of each medical device, regardless of your current infrastructure. With Extreme Networks, you can rest easy while you reevaluate your complete, future-proof security strategy.

Not convinced yet? How far can you get through this infographic before you take action on your medical device and network security?

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