How to Use ML/AI to Increase IT Efficiency

IT teams need help, but with tight budgets and a staffing shortage, hiring more people isn’t an option. Expectations and demand have changed, leaving IT staff to pick up much of the work to ensure strong connectivity.

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AIOps: More IT Hands Without More IT Hires

When you implement ML/AI technology to help you with your network, you will see a lot of the weight lift off your IT team’s shoulders. AIOps is here to help your team, acting as an extra set of hands so that your team can accomplish more in less time.

Learn more about how ML/AI for networking can help alleviate the stress your IT team is feeling with this video.


It Helps You See Trends in Data

Your team needs data to help them make decisions. However, with so much data to sort through, it can be overwhelming to figure out what is relevant and what isn’t. ML/AI technology provides your team with insights into trends and patterns in your network data so that you can spend less time analyzing the data and more time implementing the changes your network needs.

Takes Repetitive Tasks Off Your To-Do List

Some tasks are better left automated. At Extreme Connect 2022, we heard from a group of panelists that shared their insight into the future of the networking industry and some of their top advice for IT teams. One of this panel's key pieces of advice was to utilize automation to make your job easier.

“If you are doing something today not strategic to your resume, don’t do them. Find a way to automate it out of your job.” – Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

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Anomaly Notification and Troubleshooting Tips

IT staff can spend a lot of time seeking threats to network performance and even more time trying to figure out how to address them. With ML/AI, you can take back your time and spend more time focusing on other important tasks while the technology looks for anomalies.

Explainable machine learning can identify not only anomalies but also provides recommendations for troubleshooting to help you save even more time. ML/AI technology uses historical data and algorithms to come up with the best troubleshooting tips and can reduce mean time to resolution.

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence can be like the extra set of hands that your IT team desperately needs without the need to hire more people.

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