What Does a Four-Time Olympic Athlete and a Network Have in Common?

Extreme Networks is excited to announce that our keynote speaker at Extreme Connect 2022 will be Lindsey Vonn!

Lindsey began skiing at only 2 years old and is now a four-time Olympian who has competed in several world championships and participated in twelve FIS World Cups, placing in the overall and downhill groups each year. Over the course of her career, she has earned herself the title of the most decorated female skier in the world and is one of the most well-known names in the skiing world.

On top of her successful skiing career, Vonn is also a New York Times bestselling author, NBC Sports analyst, and the founder of the Lindsey Vonn foundation, which she established to empower young women to grow personally, professionally, and athletically. Vonn’s organization has given out thousands of dollars in scholarships and hosts camps centered around confidence building for young girls to help them learn and grow.

Lindsey Vonn is an inspiration. So, what does she have in common with a network?


Strength is defined as the capacity for exertion and endurance. Vonn showed her strength every time she hit the slopes, just like a network shows that strength, as it provides people with the ability to connect and work without interruption. Vonn’s strength got her to the Olympics four times and helped her win the gold, your network needs a similar level of strength to help your organization go the distance too.


When people hear the name Lindsey Vonn, they think of her remarkable comeback season, where she won a gold medal after overcoming a serious injury that had people doubting if she would ever be able to ski again. Much like the resilience Vonn has shown throughout her career, networks have to work to overcome challenges, from security threats to connectivity problems, that require them to remain resilient no matter what.


Vonn not only has an inspirational story, but she has also founded the Lindsey Vonn Foundation, which aims to empower young women to be the best version of themselves, whether that be in the classroom at schools or athletically on the field, court or slopes. She encourages others to work, just like a strong network can empower employees to work efficiently with minimal interruptions or connection errors.


Challenges have followed Lindsey through every step of her career, but through her determination, she has been able to overcome the setbacks she has faced. Just like Vonn, networks also need to be determined as they face challenges to keep performance running smoothly and remain working at scale to meet the necessary network demand.


Vonn got to where she was through hard work, which came from her being a dependable athlete who always showed up to workouts, training, and events. Vonn always held herself accountable and showed up when she knew others were relying on her. Just like people relied on Vonn, people rely on their network. A dependable network is key to running any organization, as a dependable network will help keep employees engaged and working efficiently.

Join us at Extreme Connect in Nashville June 6-9 to hear from Lindsey Vonn about her story of resilience and overcoming adversity!

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