Extreme Academy Live Course Four: Building Scalable and Mission Critical Networks Begins December 2

The fourth course in the Extreme Academy Live IT training program, Building Scalable and Mission Critical Networks, will begin on Dec. 2, 2021. Participants will be able to access all course material and training videos at no cost and will gain an understanding of why large-scale networks are needed worldwide as well as how the basic concepts of network design are implemented. Since its launch one year ago in December 2020, more than 1,000 participants have achieved Extreme Academy certification.

During the course, participants will take a deeper look into the security and resiliency of large networks, get educated on which management tools are required to understand large amounts of data, and gain a better understanding of the significance of real-world use cases in large-scale network design. The course will be split into eight two-hour courses running from Dec. 2-Feb. 3, 2021. For the full course schedule, visit the Extreme Academy Live registration page.

As an organization in the incredibly competitive and fast-growing networking industry, Extreme recognizes the need for highly skilled IT professionals who have the knowledge necessary to hit the ground running. By providing complimentary IT training for anyone interested in participating, we not only benefit ourselves as a company in recruiting talent, but we help eliminate the financial barrier to training. We are excited to see the continued demand for Extreme Academy Live and look forward to delivering the fourth course in this highly successful series!

Extreme Academy was developed in response to the continued demand for skilled IT professionals and delivers an academic curriculum designed for both experienced and aspiring IT professionals. Courses are broadly focused on networking, security, and cloud fundamentals, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). Participants can earn key accreditations and certifications, including an Extreme Networks Associate-level qualification.

All courses are available for free on-demand via Extreme's YouTube channel, including the first three courses in Extreme Academy Live: Introduction to Future Networking, Building Robust and Secure Wireless Networks, and Advance Your Career.

For interested colleges, universities, or businesses, Extreme Academy is also available as an onsite course that can be integrated into existing curriculums and training. It delivers flexible lesson plans that can be structured for in-classroom or virtual instruction, as well as teaching resources, state of the art lab equipment, and a diverse training portfolio. For more information on bringing Extreme Academy to your organization, contact Extreme Networks via academy.extremenetworks.com or sign up online.

Want to learn more about Extreme Academy Live? Check out this informational video and see what other Extreme Academy Live participants are saying in these testimonials.

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