Accessing Funding for Your Community’s Digital Transformation Project

The federal government frequently offers state and municipal governments grant and funding opportunities to help expand digital transformation and modernization projects. These programs could include creating brand-new digital services, enhancing current digital infrastructure, and providing government workers with digital skills training. Using technology, these projects seek to assist government organizations in giving citizens better and more effective services while enhancing their own internal processes. It's crucial to conduct research and find the best funding sources for each project because the specific funding prospects may differ depending on the organization and the project.

Watch this clip to learn where grant funding is most often spent and what is new in 2023.

Who is Receiving Funding?

Currently, grants and funding are centered around governments and finding ways to modernize and improve the citizen experience within state and local communities. The majority of available funds are being allocated to help improve infrastructure, prevent the use of and provide treatment for opioid and substance abuse, develop the workforce and provide educational training opportunities and help with overall innovation, education and addressing basic needs at the state and local level.

What Grants are Still Available?

The federal government has already distributed grants and funding to various projects and municipalities. However, there are still billions of dollars available that you can apply for today.

Watch this clip to hear some of the critical organizations distributing grants and funding, plus what kind of projects the money can help your community take on.

IIJA Grants

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides billions of dollars in funding for various infrastructure projects, including digital infrastructure and other updates you can make to better your community.

Learn about some of the current IIJA grants available with this clip.


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How Can You Access Help Finding and Applying for Grants?

Learn more about grants and funding opportunities currently available to help your state or local government improve your community with our on-demand webinar – State and Local Grant Funding Forecast. Extreme Networks has a grant services team to help your state or local government agency identify what grants are available, select the right grant for your projects, and aid in filling out applications where allowed.

Contact the Extreme Networks Grant services team at +1 866-252-7210 or email

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