Smart OmniEdge for Healthcare

Published 11 Oct 2018
Healthcare leaders are striving to provide better healthcare outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. IT staffs are under pressure to reduce costs while insuring that the network is secure from outside attacks, such as ransomware. Hospitals must protect patient privacy (HIPAA), as well as meet financial security requirements, like PCI DSS. Digital transformation is being applied to meet the meet these goals in the face of resource limitations:
  • Deliver life-critical mobile connectivity with maximum security and protected data privacy
  • Provide secure BYOD for clinicians, patients, and guests, including a growing range of wearables on the network
  • Support the expanding use of Internet of Things
  • Protect medical devices and instruments from security attacks and breaches, given that many devices have long life cycles and use older operating systems
  • Manage an often-geographically distributed network that encompasses large healthcare facilities, remote doctor offices, outpatient centers, and telemedicine operations

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