Multilayered Approach to Keeping Data Center Networks Available and Resilient

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Data center downtime can be either planned or unplanned and in either case, the outage is costly. Costs can include productivity and data loss or corruption, revenue loss, regulatory violations and even long-term damage to company reputation.

Extreme Networks offers a unique and innovative multi layer approach, available on the VDX Series of switches, to help ensure HA during unplanned outages and to help ensure that networks remain available and resilient.

The VDX portfolio utilizes VCS Fabric technology, which is designed to offer multiple levels of HA, creating layers of protection for the network.

  • Fabric HA: Deterministic multipathing, Reroutes traffic during failure without any convergence and Active-active link resiliency with virtual Link Aggregation Group (vLAG) support
  • System HA: Hitless management module failover and ISSU
  • Line Card HA: Virtualized line cards for active/standby Images and they eliminates line card restarts during ISSU