ISL Trunking for Ethernet Fabric Networks

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Extreme VCS fabrics and all VDX switches utilize hardware-based ISL Trunking to provide high-performance, high-throughput Inter-Switch Links, to simplify interconnect configuration, to provide automatic link failover with no interruption of traffic on unaffected links, and to provide plug-and-play fabric scalability. With ISL Trunking you:

  • Reduce the number of lines on a logical topology map
  • Improve traffic and capacity provisioning to keep systems and applications running at full speed
  • Simplify network design, capacity planning, and fabric administration
  • Have fewer management touch points, since trunks are self-provisioning and auto-forking

In summary, ISL Trunking delivers:

  • Optimal VCS fabric performance and throughput while enabling simplified network design
  • Simplified management of VCS fabrics by reducing the number of logical entities to manage
  • Improved fabric resiliency if individual ISL links fail