Extreme VCS Fabric Provides Automation Through Zero-Touch Provisioning, Self-Forming Trunks, and Logical Chassis

Published 20 Jul 2018

Data centers are evolving, requiring infrastructure that can support dynamic growth in VMs, distributed applications, and big data, as well as cloud-based computing—without compromising performance.

The Extreme VCS Fabric was designed to address these requirements – to facilitate and optimize scale-out architectures. With zero-touch capabilities, scale-out makes it simple to add, move, or remove network resources without changing configurations to existing networks.

  • It enables network expansion over time as a business grows
  • The architecture delivers resilient network fabrics, eliminating “single point of failure” and potential downtime.
  • It delivers compelling economic benefits – lowering up-front cost with high-density fixed switches and lowering TCO by reducing power, cooling, and data center space

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